HEMTT-LHSHeavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck-Load Handling System
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The CSS company adds another six HEMTT-LHS systems, principally for moving ammunition.
Redesign the BSB by permanently incorporating the CSS company's transportation section (six HEMTT-LHSs and 13 personnel) and supply support sections (17 personnel), adding another team of six HEMTT fuel tankers to the fuel support section.
The IBCTs, eight of which are scheduled to be fielded during the next five to 10 years, will use HEMTT trucks, specifically the fuel tanker, the wrecker and the HEMTT-LHS, which has the same load handling system as the PLS.
A so-called "forward repair module," which contains tools needed to repair combat vehicles, is now being transported by PLS or by HEMTT-LHS, said Sutton, because they make it easier for soldiers to reach the site of a tank that needs maintenance.
The Army's 4th Infantry Division, which is being equipped with new computerized tanks as part of the service's "digitization" program, recently received a forward-support battalion with 44 new HEMTT-LHS trucks, said Sutton.