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HENHomebrew Enabler
HENHypermedia Electronic Newspaper
HENHome Enteral Nutrition (Australia)
HENHeat Exchanger Network
HENHealth Education Network
HENHome Education News (newsletter)
HENHarmonised European Standard for a Construction Product
HENHotel/Echo/November (Hostile Submarine Classes)
HENHerts and Essex Newspapers Ltd. (UK)
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"Why, as for that," answered the yellow hen thoughtfully, "I've clucked and cackled all my life, and never spoken a word before this morning, that I can remember.
"How is my grammar?" asked the yellow hen, anxiously.
Dorothy sat right down in the road, the yellow hen in her arms, and began to stroke Billina's back.
Just then Toto, who had been growling to himself in a cross way, gave a sharp bark and flew at the yellow hen, who ruffled her feathers and let out such an angry screech that Dorothy was startled.
"You ought to be very proud, ma'am," said Uncle Henry, who was astonished to hear a hen talk so sensibly.
They followed the Yellow Hen into the house, which Aunt Em declared was neat as a pin.
He saw a small wooden hut, made his way to it, and crept inside--"I am afraid it IS a hen house, but what can I do?" said Pigling Bland, wet and cold and quite tired out.
"Bacon and eggs, bacon and eggs!" clucked a hen on a perch.
Nevertheless, like a brainless and unreasoning Briton, he persisted in maintaining on the premises a large stock of cocks, hens, and other poultry.
The birds that the two girls had brought in were duly returned to the yard, and the process was repeated till all the pet cocks and hens had been submitted to the old woman--Hamburghs, Bantams, Cochins, Brahmas, Dorkings, and such other sorts as were in fashion just then--her perception of each visitor being seldom at fault as she received the bird upon her knees.
As if attending to these curst cocks and hens here were not enough work for any girl.
"The secret is," said Phoebe, smiling, "that I have learned how to talk with hens and chickens."