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The HGBBDSA is accomplished the subcarrier allocation improving task that distributed inside the HeNBs and the adjacent HeNBs, by allotting the subchannel to HUE in LTE-A HetNet.
The simulation configuration has considered the 35 HUEs, 20 HeNBs in 200-meter square area.
This indicates that the subcarrier sharing with other HeNBs and the allocation to HUEs are efficient.
This is because the HGBBDSA approach shares the available OFDMA resources with other HeNBs to allocate HUEs dynamically.
In [16], the authors propose to use a principle of refunding between the eNB and the HeNBs to offload traffic from the eNB to the HeNBs.
Inside the buildings, the HeNBs are randomly dropped to the apartments with equal distribution in a way that 20% and 60% of apartments are equipped with a HeNB for the Scenario 1 and the Scenario 2, respectively.