HEODHydraulic Edge of Dock
HEODSterically-Hindered Epoxides Dieldrin (biochemistry)
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Her manager would say, OYou could be the next Jordan, youOve got the looks and the charisma.O He told me heOd get me on the front page of every paper, but said, OYouOve got to sleep with meO.
The HEOD superintendents' meetings themselves were a useful vehicle for attaining cooperation from superintendents (plant managers).
The teen told Ralph that his parents had used a Ouija board at a party and heOd seen the ghost of an old woman I a nanny from the old village school.
He told me heOd been playing footie with son Jack, and enjoying the male bonding, until the lad dropped a bombshell by asking if he could go to ballet with his sister.
HeOd pack six meals a day to take to lectures so he was prepared for his gruelling afternoon weight-training sessions.
The company abandoned its bid after the agencyOs staff recommended the purchase be rejected and the chairman said heOd push for a review that could last a year.
However, Livi keeper Roddy McKenzie disagrees with his boss and said heOd like his team to be gung- ho if theyOre trailing.
EasyJet is at the centre of fierce criticism after The DrumOs tech law columnist Mark Leiser tweeted that an EasyJet manager had stopped him boarding a flight because heOd criticised the airline on Twitter.