HEOGHorizontal Electrooculogram (eyes)
HEOGHouston Ebony Opera Guild (Texas)
HEOGHeritage Education Officers Group (Scotland, UK)
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Variables [[alpha].sub.j], [[beta].sub.j] denote the propagation weights for VEOG and HEOG, respectively, initialized according to [22].
The first six channels in Figure 3(a) depict an example from one of the 20 artificially contaminated EEG signals, while the last two channels show the corresponding VEOG and HEOG used to generate the mixed signal.
By observing the HEOG and VEOG signals that propagated onto the 6 EEG channels, we found that the last two artifactual components actually reflected the horizontal and vertical motion of eyes, respectively.
Further, spectral analysis of the VEOG and horizontal electro-oculographic (HEOG) channels were included with the EEG features.
The electrooculogram (EOG) activity was recorded from electrodes attached below and above the left eye (VEOG) and electrodes located at the outer canthi of both eyes (HEOG).
The HEOG and VEOG can be acquired by the electrodes of the horizontal and vertical directions.
where [U.sub.H] is the HEOG (horizontal EOG); [U.sub.V] is the VEOG (vertical EOG); [U.sub.HR], [U.sub.HL], [U.sub.VU], and [U.sub.VD] are the EOG collected by skin electrodes of HR (HEOR), HL (HEOL), VU (VEOU), and VD (VEOD), separately.
A vertical electrooculogram (VEOG) and a horizontal electrooculogram (HEOG) were recorded with two pairs of electrodes, one pair (VEOG) placed above and below the right eye, and the other pair (HEOG) at the outer canthus of each eye.