HEOMHeavy Equipment Operations and Maintenance
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pat hii ne coupe bi-wittie heom; 'Then they were too daring, and ruled them too evilly; (alas ...) that they could not guard themselves against their enemies.' (La3 27531-4)
The distance metric used in [17] is similar to HEOM.
Gyf hwilc wif twegen gebrodra nymd hire to gemaeccan oderne aefter odrum, todo man hi and beon hi on daedbote georne pa hwile pe hi libban swa heora scrift him taece, and aet heora fordside do se sacerd heom pa gerihta swa man Cristenum mannum ded, gid hi paet gehatad paet hi lengc betan woldon gif hi lengc libban moston.
The wicked will see the glory of the virtuous (|paet wuldor para godena') whereby their torments seem more grievous (|paet heom pince heora silfra wite pe mare').
Indeed, the Constable orders her to be stripped naked in public for refusing his son's advances: "pe Constable let somony al be cite : and brou3te bis mayde heom bi-fore; / hire for-to schiende, he dude hire strepe : so naked so heo was i-bore, / pat ech man scholde i-seon hire derne limes : be more hire to schende" (VSA, ll.
c) Da com Godwine eorl & Swegen eorl & Harold eorl togaedere aet Byferes stan & manig mann mid heom. 'Then earl Godwin, earl Swein, and earl Harold met at Beverstone, and many men with them' (ChronE 1048.174).
for he besaet heom til hi aiauen up here castles '...
5) quia uobis datum est nosse mysteria regni caelorum illis autem non est datum (Mt 13.11) fordon iuh gesald is l waes p ge witte l to uutanne claeno hryno l gesaegdnise l diopnise rices heofna daem sod1ice ne is gesald (Li) forpon pe eow sald is gecunnan geryne rice heofuna heom ponne ne is sald (Ru1) forpam pe eow is geseald to witanne heofena rices gerynu.
17) and heom sy[eth][eth]an forgeaf his [thorn]a ecan sibbe on his rice mid him.
hi heom wid frid zenamon]; [Hi] winter setl namon on East Englum (an.
(ChronE: 1123.32) & te munekes innen daeis cusen o[thorn]er of heom saelf.
c1290 For-to honouri [thorn]is holi man [thorn]er cam folk i-novz;..Of Eorles and of barones and manie kniztes heom to; Of seriaunz and of squiers.