HEORHealth Economics Outcomes Research
HEORHeavy Equipment Operator Repair
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It's not straightforward to convey this kind of information effectively, unless your field teams have strong expertise in the HEOR discipline.
As usual, there are a wide range of HEOR short courses, workshops and symposia.
Overcome the internal and external challenges facing HEOR Teams
The article provides strategy overview on clinical, HEOR, sales, pricing, reimbursement, regulatory trends and competitive dynamics for more than hundred specialty biologics.
Cutting Edge Information's study, "Health Economics and Outcomes Research: Aligning Clinical and Commercial to Meet Payer Demands and Win Reimbursement," found that at 69% of drug companies, the marketing organization is the primary source for HEOR funding.
The study found that during the pre-launch stages of commercialization, a niche compound spent significant amounts on market research (16% of commercialization budget), competitive intelligence (6%), pricing and reimbursement (19%) and HEOR (19%).
We are very pleased to have Chris join our HEOR team at Precision for Value," said Bob Nordyke, PhD, senior vice president, health economics and strategy at Precision for Value.
A new study by Cutting Edge Information finds that HEOR outsourcing a staple at most pharmacoeconomics groups, regardless of company size.
How to leverage your company's HEOR and Medical Affairs functions for emerging markets?
The related report, "Big Data in Pharma: Current & Future Trends for Big Data Utilization Across Medical Affairs Functions," was designed to help leaders to better understand the growing influence of Big Data in the biopharmaceutical sector and how it impacts medical, HEOR, and commercial operations.
A new study by Cutting Edge Information finds that pharmacoeconomics groups across all company sizes outsource the majority of HEOR work
This new research reinforces that HEOR data can help payers better understand the effectiveness of treatments in real-world settings; and that it can be used to better determine value-based reimbursement strategies.