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HEPARHak ve Esitlik Partisi (Turkish: Rights and Equality Party)
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It shows that the pathogmonomic of the diseases caused by VNN was more visible in both hepar and gill tissue than other tissue.
Hepar sulphuris: Tissue with suppuration, chronic abscesses.
ALE was given as a commercially available preparation (Hepar SL forte[R], Serturner, D-33332 Gutersloh, Germany) containing 320 mg of water extracted dry extract ALE (3,8-5,5:1) per capsule in a dose of 10 capsules (3 in the morning, 3 before lunch, 4 in the evening) for 12 weeks.
SEM = Standard error of the mean; Cr = Chromium level; CP = Protein level; Cr x CP = Interactions of chromium and protein level; aLPL = Lipoprotein lipase activity in subcutaneous adipose tissue; mLPL = Lipoprotein lipase activity in longissimus muscle; and HL = Hepaticlipase activity in hepar.
As knowledge and experience are gained, other useful remedies may be Rhus Tox, Ruta Grav, Hepar Sulph and Silicea.