HEPEHealth and Physical Education
HEPEHorizontal Estimated Position Error (geocaching)
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Standard bicarbonate-buffered Tyrode solution (equilibrated with 5% CO [sub]2 /23 mM HCO [sub]3[sup]− ) was the same as above, except that the sodium chloride concentration was reduced to 117 mM, and 23 mM NaHCO [sub]3 was added instead of the HEPES (pH 7.
22] value of OPG in 50mM HEPES pH7, 10mM NaCl, 50mM L-Arg and Glu, 0.
Antes de la exposicion del antisuero, los blastocistos fueron incubados a 37 [grados]C en medio HTF suplementado con HEPES (LifeGlobal) por 30 min.
The freshly isolated viable hepatocytes were suspended in the culture medium RPMI-1640 supplemented with calf serum (10%), HEPES and Gentamycin (1[micro]g/mL).
2ml de un primer medio de devitrificacion (D1) compuesto por TCM-199 Hepes con 20% de SFB y 0.
Focussing on Norprint's commitment to continuous improvement he hepes to make his own significant contribution to customer service.
2]) from the center of the prepared semen stains (nonvasectomized semen only) on cotton fabric were performed in 250[micro]l of 1X HEPES buffer (137.
After removing the outer fibrous tissues and the separation of the granulosa layer according to the method of Huang and Nalbandov (1979), pooled granulosa layers were placed in 10 mL Medium 199 supplemented with 10 mM Hepes and 0.
To test the validity of Strategy two, we compared the capacitance of this the DNA SAMs in HEPES and spermadine buffers.