HEQHigh Environmental Quality (environmental management)
HEQHistory of Education Quarterly
HEQHistogram Equalization (speech recognition)
HEQHigher Education Qualifications (UK)
HEQHealth Education Quarterly
HEQHigh End Quartz (watches)
HEQHispanic Executive Quarterly (publication)
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TRL (iii) XSHR (iv) YSHR (v) AFTRA (vi) SCAL (vii) CROP (viii) GANO (ix) S&PNO (x) SPNO (xi) SPBL (xii) MOBL (xiii) HEQ (xiv) JPEGC (xv) AVGFL.
To account for the 80.1% increase in citations and changes in the number of source articles in this study, the source articles for 1991-1993 in HEQ, JACH, JHE, and JSH were tallied by this study's authors to determine if there was a difference in categories used for source article types between this and the prior study.
I studied the content of both the History of Education Quarterly (HEQ) and the Comparative Education Review (CER) from their inceptions until 2005.
During his peak years as measured by those with an offensive HEQ (see point #8 below) greater than 300, Hodges' teams had a winning percentage of .591, while Perez's was .576.
As a result, when gathering HEQ it is critical to present the data in a manner that also keeps the different groups separate.
Called the Hoban Effectiveness Quotient (HEQ), it comprises two formulas, one for a player's offense and the other for his defense.
Specifically, our portfolio includes the following allocations: 20% BBB rated HEQ, 20% BBB rated CDO notes, and 10% each of BBB, BBB-, and BB rated CMBS, BBB private RMBS, BBB equipment, and BBB corporate paper.
Take this car care test and then compare the human equivalent (HEQ) for your body.