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HERBIEHybrid Education and Research Base for Information Exchange (Germany)
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Cairns, now of Canterbury Drive, Prestatyn, kicked the dogs which eventually ran back up the drive, but Herbie was badly injured.
Herbie returned home after winning both the Men's Senior Singles, and the Mixed Pairs with Ann Lennie of Seaton Burn and West Denton.
Bob's son Robert said: "We were amazed to find Herbie lives just outside Cambridge.
Helping Herbie Hedgehog is currently showcased at The National Writing for Children Center - www.
Volkswagen Beetle fan Graham Henderson is building an electric version of the much-loved Disney 'Love Bug' car Herbie, which he plans to drive on the country's motorways.
Strangely, neither likes chicken and only Herbie likes fish.
It was the sequel to The Love Bug, released six years earlier, and would be followed by Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo and Herbie Goes Bananas.
A: I feel very privileged to be performing with Herbie Hancock and his group of musicians.
far--" Oh wicked, wicked Herbie K's, that drew us in with your
Tammy Coulson and Stephen Dunham of The Herb Garden restaurant feed Herbie the horse
Mrs Strafford grabbed the dog by the collar and pulled it off petrified Herbie, which had been rescued by Mrs Wood after a previous attack by a dog.
I woke up to the feeling of someone A[degrees]slapping a flannel round my face, which was Herbie, and I was covered in dog hair," the Mirror quoted her as saying.