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HERCULESHigher European Research Course for Users of Large Experimental Systems (est. 1990)
HERCULESHigh Efficiency and Resolution Canterbury University Large Echelle Spectrograph (New Zealand)
HERCULESHeavy Equipment Recovery Combat Utility Lift Evacuation System (C-130)
HERCULESHeat Exchange Research and Condensation (evaluation)
HERCULESHigh Efficiency Research and Development on Combustion with Ultra Low Emissions for Ships (MAN Diesel and Wartsila co-operative)
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It was finally decided that the whole nation of Pygmies should set to work to destroy Hercules; not, be it understood, from any doubt that a single champion would be capable of putting him to the sword, but because he was a public enemy, and all were desirous of sharing in the glory of his defeat.
Accordingly, all the fighting men of the nation took their weapons, and went boldly up to Hercules, who still lay fast asleep, little dreaming of the harm which the Pygmies meant to do him.
After holding a council, the captains ordered their troops to collect sticks, straws, dry weeds, and whatever combustible stuff they could find, and make a pile of it, heaping it high around the head of Hercules. As a great many thousand Pygmies were employed in this task, they soon brought together several bushels of inflammatory matter, and raised so tall a heap, that, mounting on its summit, they were quite upon a level with the sleeper's face.
But no sooner did Hercules begin to be scorched, than up he started, with his hair in a red blaze.
At that moment the twenty thousand archers twanged their bowstrings, and the arrows came whizzing, like so many winged mosquitoes, right into the face of Hercules. But I doubt whether more than half a dozen of them punctured the skin, which was remarkably tough, as you know the skin of a hero has good need to be.
Surprised at the shrill piping of so many little voices, Hercules, after putting out the conflagration of his hair, gazed all round about, but could see nothing.
"What in the world, my little fellow," ejaculated Hercules, "may you be?"
Hercules was so tickled with the Pygmy's big words and warlike gestures, that he burst into a great explosion of laughter, and almost dropped the poor little mite of a creature off the palm of his hand, through the ecstasy and convulsion of his merriment.
Hercules was touched with the little man's dauntless courage, and could not help acknowledging such a brotherhood with him as one hero feels for another.
For once, Hercules acknowledges himself vanquished."
Some writers say, that Hercules gathered up the whole race of Pygmies in his lion's skin, and carried them home to Greece, for the children of King Eurystheus to play with.
Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited formely known as Dawood Hercules Chemicals Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on April 17, 1968 as a public limited company.