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HEREHotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union
HEREHotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union (now UNITE HERE)
HEREHealth Education Resource Exchange (Washington; online public health resources)
HEREHomeland Emergency Response Exchange (various locations)
HEREHouston Enriches Rice Education (Rice University; Texas)
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I don't like to leave you here," I said to Provis, "though I cannot doubt your being safer here than near me.
But stop; here comes little King-Post; dodge round the try-works, now, and let's hear what he'll have to say.
And I, you, and he; and we, ye, and they, are all bats; and I'm a crow, especially when I stand a'top of this pine tree here.
God Almighty put them advantages here, and he put me here to see them.
All it needs is the herd, and I'll stampede a couple of hundred thousand people in here ins two years.
At first it was patches and sections of land here and there; but as the weeks passed it was the unowned portions that became rare, until at last they stood as islands surrounded by Daylight's land.
Now, I'm a going upstairs to tell your aunt as Mas'r Davy's here, and that'll cheer her up a bit,' he said.
Here is your benevolent Patriarch of a Casby, and there is his golden rule.
Here are two examples: "both the matching and pseudomatching tasks" and "the results of a pseudomatching experiment".
And so here is a compilation of videos made by and for the residents of the UAE, to celebrate the 40th UAE National Day.
The plants and animals that live here are able to survive harsh sunlight, extreme temperatures, and little rainfall.
When he felt this sharp pain he hollered to Cliff to stop and thank God for Cliffs quick reactions or it would have been worse than you see right here.