HERFHigh Energy Radio Frequency
HERFHydrogen Electric Racing Federation (hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle racing)
HERFHazard of Electromagnetic Radiation to Fuel
HERFHealth Education and Research Foundation
HERFHigh Energy Radiation Field
HERFHigh Energy Rate Forming of Powdered Metals (forging)
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The same control variables as in model (3), with the exception of the HERF concentration index, are used.
Herfs claims have been the subject of sharp criticism by the historian Gilbert Achcar, but the issues that divide Herf from Achcar are irrelevant to those discussed in the text.
28) Agreement between the Herf & Frerichs Chemical Company and Merck, 30 July 1903, MA.
36) On this tradition, see Herf, Reactionary Modernism.
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Tobias has been reviewed the field of high energy rate bulk forming, considering the machine advantages and the process advantages in relation to conventional machines; the different types of HERF machines and their respective industrial roles; the economics of HERF hammers; and finally HERF processes.
Thus, it is in this rupture, this ultimate temporal abyss, in which positive time begins and Jimmy Herf is finally enabled to move and/or to make decisions.
Jeffrey Herf The Jewish Enemy: Nazi Propaganda During World War II & the Holocaust.
As noted by Jeffrey Herf in his careful analysis, the paragraph sticks firmly to the passive voice.
Prepared by Elizabeth Herf, MD, Radiology Resident, and B.
Professor Jeffrey Herf has best described this phenomenon as, first, an underestimation among the German left of the vices of appeasement in the era 1933-39--that is, the inability to understand the failures of the West to preempt the Nazi regime and the high price the world was to pay; (16) and second, as the tendency to engage in a form of Willy Brandt's Ostpolitik ("transformation through proximity," a term coined in 1963 by Brandt's press spokesman, Egon Bahr) in every conceivable diplomatic situation, whether such statecraft is warranted or not.
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