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HERLHuman Engineering Research Laboratories
HERLHuman-Environment Research Laboratory (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
HERLHealth Effects Research Laboratory
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When Cooper got the call and funding boost from The Gordon Hartman Family Foundation in March 2016, HERL had been doing preliminary research on the PneuChair as part of a project supported by the National Science Foundation and the VA in collaboration with Germany's Fraunhofer Institute.
Of the 45 subjects, 20 participated at the NVWG and 25 participated at HERL. Of the 25 subjects who participated at HERL, 20 also took part in the home trial.
"The programs allow employees to participate in different wellness initiatives that help support personal efforts to create and maintain healthy lifestyles," which was sorely needed for years, Herl says.
TAIL: Chenille and ostrich herl with a few strands of Krystal flash or pearl Flashabou
Effort was defined using the MSLQ-based eight-item scale by O'Neil and Herl (1998), which measured students' applied effort.
The people sang Luther's metrical version of the Creed, a developing hymn of the day, hymns at communion, and parts of the Ordinary of the Mass in its German versions--all of this in alternation with the choir who sang the liturgy in Latin (see 81-82.) Herl would admit occasional flourishes of both choral and congregational vigor as with Praetorius in Wolfenbuttel or Kuhnau and Bach in Leipzig (Worship Wars, 177), and Brown would point to substantial hymn singing in Joachimsthal before the Sunday service and at school and home (39).
Joseph Herl, Worship Wars in Early Lutheranism: Choir, Congregation, and Three Centuries of Conflict (New York: Oxford University Press, 2004), 88.
Joseph Herl. Worship Wars in Early Lutheranism: Choir, Congregation, and Three Centuries of Conflict.
"I occupy simultaneous nows--the one of a day vividly known through all my senses on a creek and the one of my fingers working over this hook." Swimming in the lyric language of tinsel, herl, and tippet, Grover also thinks about her subject.
Note: a wire rib counter wrapped over the peacock herl increases the durability of the fly.
Some tiers add a herl or dubbed body before tying in the deer hair.
According to ODOT Hydraulic Engineer John Herl, ODOT's willingness to include the large diameter pipe in its specification stems primarily from the department's satisfaction with Hancor Inc.'s full line of annular corrugated pipe sizes in which the 60-in.