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HERMHigh Energy Rope Mount
HERMHearings, Employee Relations, and Mediation
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Now Herm said, "You and Ellen should head south some year, stop in and see us.
Almost every evening after arriving home, Herm and I compared notes and thoughts.
Travel to Sark with Isle of Sark Shipping for pounds 22 return; travel to Herm with Travel Trident ferries for pounds 9 return.
The neighbouring islands of Herm, Sark, Lihou, Alderney and, of course, Jersey are all easily accessible.
Another epigram pointedly contrasting the educated and uneducated is Herm.
Herm with a request that benefits be changed to include residential treatment or, short of a formal benefit change, that such treatment be allowed under a utilization interpretation.
Mike suggested that we conduct a workshop at the '94 exposition and Herm suggested that we hold it for the entire day -- something that would be a bit different but certainly worthwhile for a technical session.
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And then there is Herm, a 20-minute boat ride away from St Peter Port, where you can take a stroll along beautiful unspoilt beaches.
March 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Jed Copham, Brainerd International Raceway and Resort President and CEO, today announced the addition of Herm Johnson to the track staff.
Well, let me tell you--the glory of the Golden Years seemed to be escaping Herm and me.
New coach Herm Edwards will pay more attention to the defence this season, but they are up against it today.