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HEROESHigher Education Relief Opportunities for Students Act of 2003 (military status student loan forbearance)
HEROESHometown Efforts to Rescue Our Endangered Society (San Diego, CA)
HEROESHelping Educate Responsible, Outstanding, & Enlightened Students (Florida)
HEROESHonoring Every Requirement of Exemplary Service Act of 2005
HEROESHonor Every Responsible Officer's Eternal Sacrifice, Inc.
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321 Heroes Served: Heidi Voigt & Brandon Johnson, affiliate real estate specialists - Waite Park, MN
President Fidel Ramos created on March 28, 1993, the National Heroes Committee, which was tasked to recommend Filipino nationals as heroes 'in due recognition of their sterling character and remarkable achievements for the country,' according to the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).
Heroes at level one have only one ability to choose from but higher level heroes have up to three you can choose from.
I didn't always know if this was a book about hiking or about heroes.
Boorstin (historian): "Time makes heroes but dissolves celebrities.
I remember in the early 1970s speaking to my students about the dangers of exalting heroes and mentioned Le Corbusier, that onetime hero of heroes.
The heroes themselves often got names that related to their weapon of choice, such as Hawkeye and the Rifleman.
For all the above reasons, Winnipeg's Local Heroes Film Festival has a certain refreshing charm that sets it apart from its much larger, much glitzier festival cousins in the big cities to the east and west.
Future Bible Heroes is the latest release from Stephin Merritt, best known as the brains behind Magnetic Fields.
Should we not replace the portraits of our Presidents, which too often take up all the space on our classroom walls, with the likenesses of grassroots heroes like Fannie Lou Hamer, the Mississippi sharecropper?
We risk the danger that commercially successful heroes may invite dangerous forms of imitation by their fans, and fail to help their societies organize around noble ideals.
Roberts discusses trickster heroes in slavery from animal tricksters and their dupes, to John and Old Master); the conjurer as hero; spirituals as heroic statements, and the badman as an outlaw hero.