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HERRHealth Education Risk Reduction
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We said we yearned to hear it, that we wanted a good laugh; and they went downstairs, and fetched Herr Slossenn Boschen.
Then Herr Slossenn Boschen got up, and went on awful.
Herr Boschen said he had sung it once before the German Emperor, and he (the German Emperor) had sobbed like a little child.
"Give me the Herr's luggage," said the driver, and with exceeding alacrity my bags were handed out and put in the caleche.
But a cloak was thrown over my shoulders, and a rug across my knees, and the driver said in excellent German--"The night is chill, mein Herr, and my master the Count bade me take all care of you.
"You came to us, Herr Pooterage, against your will," he said at last.
He directed you to come as Herr Pooterage, and you haf not done so.
But you see the Prince was interested in Herr Pooterage because of his romantic seit.
"We have this call to play in Finsbury Circus, it is true," said Herr Liesecke, as he edged past her and reached the gangway just as the music started.
In the course of a few weeks, and by assiduously conversing with Herr Kirsch on the box of the carriage, Georgy made prodigious advance in the knowledge of High Dutch, and could talk to hotel waiters and postilions in a way that charmed his mother and amused his guardian.
Herr intuits that this man possesses the Truth, the depths, of Vietnam, for we learn that looking into the Lurp's eyes "was like looking at the floor of an ocean" (6) .
At age 17, Professor Herr lost both legs below the knee in a climbing accident and went on to develop an interest in the invention of "smart" prostheses for people with disabilities.