HERWIGHadron Emission Reactions With Interfering Gluons
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With the construction of MKS 180, we as German shipbuilding companies have the opportunity to maintain our technological leadership in international competition," said Herwig.
"I saw her the whole race, and I was like, ready to pick it up a little sooner, but Chris kept on saying, keep it down," Rosenthal said of Herwig. "Stay steady, don't go too early, because in the (200) free I went too early and then died.
Herwig, professor emeritus at the University of Calgary, has written an important book that examines arguably the most important figure in the German school of geopolitics: the enigmatic Karl Haushofer (1869-1946).
"You can't pay for the coloring book with bitcoin yet," says author Bruce Herwig. "But I'm working on it."
Herwig, both historians at the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies at the University of Calgary, have written a highly readable and at times suspenseful history of the so-called operation Neuland ("newland"), the German submarine campaign against Allied shipping in the Caribbean in 1942, which so far has not received major attention in the historiography on the "Battle of the Atlantic." Reading the book with a particular interest in the history of oil, one may be slightly disappointed as the authors approach their topic from the angle of military history and especially submarine warfare.
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New York Life has announced that Julie Herwig has been elected a senior vice president in its office of governmental affairs.
Herwig was a member of the US Marine Corps Reserve and looked into the business of coaching college athletics.
Becker, (1) Gernot Horstmann, (2) and Arvid Herwig (2)
It said that the remaining 1% in Pongratz remained in the hands of Herwig Pongratz.
Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Roland Herwig said that the lead plane broke into three parts, with debris landing on the airport property and an adjacent retail area, the report added.
Currently Herwig Pongratz owns 98% of it and the Pongratz family -- the remaining 2%.