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HES5Hairy and Enhancer of Split 5
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Primers for the glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH), HES5, LRP6, SOX10, and MBP genes were designed using the AlleleID software.
Treatment with 9-cis-RA and 1,25[(OH).sub.2][D.sub.3] showed that the mRNA expression level of HES5 was significantly reduced in the positive control and RA groups compared to that of the negative control and vitamin [D.sub.3] groups (P<0.001) (figures 2A and 4B, 4C).
(28) GCM1/2 are also reported to induce demethylation of the Hes5 promoter, including the RBP-J[kappa] binding site, which is the Notch signal responsive element, and to upregulate the expression of Hes5, resulting in maintenance of the NSC pools.
(2011) Mammalian Gcm genes induce Hes5 expression by active DNA demethylation and induce neural stem cells.
Those who consumed breakfast at least 6 times per week, 2 snacks daily, 7 or more servings of water daily, and a snack within 60 minutes of strenuous exercise were more likely to have high HES5 scores than Soldiers who did not consume breakfast, adequate water, or recovery snacks.
The Notch signaling pathway negatively regulated miR-342-5p by its transcriptional repressor Hes5. Studies have shown that transfection of miR-342-5p induced the apoptosis of NSCs, whereas the differentiation of NSCs into intermediate progenitor cells (INPs) was promoted.
Kageyama, "Roles of the basic helix-loop-helix genes Hes1 and Hes5 in expansion of neural stem cells of the developing brain," The Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.