HESOHigher Education Services Office (Minnesota)
HESOCentre for Health and Social Development (Norway)
HESOHispanic Engineering and Science Organization (University of New Mexico)
HESOHospital Educational Service Officer (US Navy)
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Among its many responsibilities is maintaining a toll-free number that provides "students and their parents information regarding two-year and four-year technical, vocational, and academic programs, career planning, financial aid, admission requirements, course of study majors, support services, athletics, and other relevant matters." Minnesota's Higher Education Services Office (HESO) is established to offer similar services.
ANNE SKJELMERUD is a sociologist at the Centre for Health and Social Development (HeSo, Box 133 Sentrum, 0102 Oslo, Norway; anne.skjelmerud@heso.no).
Since leading bioethics and medical journals have devoted whole recent issues or parts of recent issues to this controversy, (1) examining this literature should shed considerable light on the HESO controversy.
Accordingly in the absence of a great deal of convincing argument that has not yet seen the light of day, particular religious considerations cannot establish the wrongness of HESO research.
God seen Suid-Afrika Morena boloka sechaba sa heso. May God bless our Country Mudzimu fhatutshedza Afrika.
A Heso DSRS brightness controller measures the brightness of the rice and controls the whitener flow rate controller ahead of it.
According to these officials, the attack occurred at a compound in the Heso Khel village near Miranshah tribal region, killing four suspected militants.
According to the police, they received information that a group of Maoists would pass through the Heso jungle in the Namkum area and engaged them in an encounter.
After this, a series of passes through DSRD Blancostar vertical whiteners is provided; the last of these units is equipped with a Heso colour controller.
Whiteness is controlled on-line by the Heso colour controller and constantly reported to the PLC.