HESSOHaute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale (Swiss school)
HESSOHealth Education Social and Sports Organization
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Translation: "Wahab Hesso, an Iraqi decides to pull out from Mister World pageant.
Uber confirmed to The Daily Star that Hesso was contracted by the company.
Salaheddin Hesso, 41, of Bishopston Road, Cardiff, pleaded guilty to driving without insurance.
A secondary gain from exercise is social contact and interaction (Hesso & Sorenson, 1982; Pelham & Campagna, 1991; Skrinar et al., 1992).
Hesso, "Population Exposure to Chloeophenols, Debenzo-p-dioxin and Debenzofurans After a Prolonged Ground Water Pollution by Chlorophenols," Chemosphere 20, 625-634 (1990).
Poetarum omnium seculorum longe principis Homeri Ilias, hoc est, de rebus ad Troiam gestis descriptio, iam recens Latino carmine reddita, Helio Eobano Hesso Interprete.
Hesso Mao, the state's police chief, said: "We have received an advisory from New Delhi asking us to deport Ward as soon as possible."
The attestation quoted of materna lingua, at the beginning of the twelfth century, 1119 to be precise, (12) is by Hesso 'magister scholarum argentinensis', that is, from Argentorate, or Strasburg, who, according to Weisgerger, must have based his Latin phrase on his native German expression Mutter Sprache.
"Devant toutes choses donques doibt elle scavoir, que chastete est la principale vertu que doibt avoir une femme, et qui est tout autant comme si elle avoit toutes les autres"; the section on the mulieres in Herman Schoten Hesso, Vita bonesta, sive virtutis (London, 1532); La Primaudaye 245, 249; Pierre Lesnauderie, Louenge de mariage (Paris, 1523), which contains an entire chapter entitled "De la chastete et vraye amour des femmes" with numerous examples of female chastity.
In the province's northern countryside, an army unit targeted hideouts of terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist groups in the villages of Ein Hussein, Ein al-Dananir, Kisin, Tallet Hesso, and Talbiseh, leaving many terrorists dead, injuring others, and destroying their weapons and ammo.