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HETEROHeteroepitaxial Deposition of Diamond and Silicon Carbide Films
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Through strategic "tech transfers" between facilities, Hetero has the capability to manufacture many of its products in both India and the United States, ensuring an abundant inventory of the most critical molecules.
The report provides brief overview of Hetero Drugs Limited including business description, key information and facts, and its locations and subsidiaries
Hetero said it will launch the medicine this month in India followed by other countries soon.
Hetero has a non-exclusive License Agreement with Gilead Sciences, Ireland to manufacture and sell generic versions of its chronic hepatitis C medicines in 91 developing countries.
7 January 2011 - India's CARE yesterday gave a BBB- rating to the long-term bank facilities of Hetero Med Solutions.
Hetero is an Indian company with a sub-license from Roche to manufacture Tamiflu.
Sure, she's on a hetero date at the beginning of game 1, but she doesn't seem that comfortable.
Again, sex, drugs, alcohol, and sex, and oh yes, sex, are givens of teenage life, a natural proclivity which any red-blooded hetero or homosexual male will apparently pursue without deviation.
and Matrix Laboratories fourth Indian company, Hetero Drugs Ltd.
Such Symbolism is ironically evident in H wie Helmut, H wie Hoffnung, H wie Hartherz, H wie Hetero (liegendes H), H wie Heimweh, H wie Hass (H as in Helmut, H as in Hope, H as in Heart, H as in Hetero [Horizontal HI, H as in Homesick, H as in Hate), 1981, an abstract self-portrait with a perverse link to Arthur Rimbaud's synesthetic "vowels equal colors" formula.