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HETHHermit Thrush (bird species Catharus guttatus)
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represented by heth, /h/ (= IPA h), was distinct from the sound of
In conclusion, I support HR 40 because it provides that the federal government recognize the suffering of enslaved people, like Joice Heth, and tests Professor Randall's hypothesis.
Working at Solarcraft is a wonderful opportunity," said Heth.
13) Joice Heth was one of Barnum's most famous live exhibitions.
As Reiss explains, Heth was as much of a spectacle in death as she had been in life; in 1836 spectators paid to see the autopsy that would reveal the secrets of her extraordinary body.
For a full account of Barnum's exhibition of Heth and her postmortem display, see Benjamin Reiss's study of Barnum and Heth, The Showman and the Slave: Race, Death, and Memory in Barnum's America (Cambridge: Harvard UP, 2001).
Los resultados encontrados empleando este procedimiento han mostrado que la reexposicion al EI o a la C resulta en un incremento en la frecuencia de la respuesta comparado con la sesion de extincion previa a la reexposicion al EI o a la C (Baker, Steinwald y Bouton, 1991; Rescorla y Cunningham, 1978; Doughty, Reed y Lattal, 2004; Franks y Lattal, 1976; Bouton y Bolles, 1979; Reid, 1958; Rescorla y Heth, 1975).
A diolch byth am ambell i raglen gyffrous wedi heth ddifrifol y rhaglenni a gawsom dros y ddwy w yl ddiddiwedd.
Simplified, the acrophonic sequence reads: aleph (ox), beth (house), gamal (camel), daleth (door), heth (fence), the concepts being detectable in the shapes of the corresponding letters.
I think of Joice Heth, the slave who nursed George Washington, yet lived to be displayed by P.
Fe ddylai rhywun gadw cofnod er mwyn cael gweld a yw'n arwyddair gyda'r tywydd, ai ynte cyd-ddigwyddiad oedd hyn gyda'r heth fawr wedi bod.