HETMHelicopter Timekeeper (firefighting)
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At first, in order to evaluate the HETM toxicity on the maternal organism, the pregnant rats were observed during a 60-minute period after being treated with this substance.
HETM Treatment Induces Increase of DHEA and Estradiol Levels in Pregnant Wistar Rats.
HETM Treatment Induces Preimplantation Losses in Wistar Rats Treated from Day 1 to 7 of Pregnancy.
implantation in the female Wistar rats treated with HETM. This statement can be supported by the fact that HETM administration increased levels of DHEA and estradiol, which may lead to inefficient decidualization and, thus, may be an important underlying cause of inappropriate blastocyst acceptance and implantation.
On the other hand, when there is evidence that HETM can induce hypotensive and diuretic effect by inhibiting ACE [5, 6], we can only ask one question: is there any relationship between ACE inhibition and preimplantation losses observed?