HETOHighways England Traffic Officer (UK)
HETOHeart in Education Teacher Outreach
HETOHydraulic/Electric Tools Outfit (Pioneer Tool Set, Combat Engineer)
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"Heto, we have to work thing out." Isabel and John don't get pressured when they are rumored to be engaged or on the verge of getting married.
And given that, is heto see the progression, then, as from life to death, when we know, atleast, there is no progression--that the least presence of life, is justso, lye .
The resulting extract was separated from its residue by gravity filtration; samples were frozen in liquid nitrogen and freeze-dried for 12 h in a Heto FD3 Lab lyophilizer.
Serum was then obtained by centrifugation (15 minutes, 3000 RPM, 4[degrees]C; Hettich-Rotina 46RS, Germany), after which the serum was divided into three equal portions (approximately 0.5 ml per portion) and stored at-80[degrees]C (Heto Ultra Freezer 3410, Denmark) until analysis at a later date.
All titrations were carried out under N2 and at 25.0+-0.1oC, which was maintained by circulating water from a constant- temperature thermostat (Heto CBN 8-30 and temperature control unit Heto HMT 200) through the double-wall Pyrex titration cell of 80-mL capacity.
The other part of each milk sample was dried by a freeze dry method (Heto Power Dry LL3000 Freeze Dryer; Thermo Fisher Scientific, Tehovec-Mukarov, Czech Republic) and analyzed for fatty acid content.
The crude extracts were then freeze dried (Heto Drywinner[R] DW-3), put into 0.5 L amber glass jars and kept in a refrigerator at -4[degrees]C.
Urd heto eina, adra Verdandi - scaro a scidi -, Sculd ina pridio; Per log logdo per lif kuro Alda bornom, orlqg seggia.
In the present study all the work was carried out under laminar flow (Holten Lamin air biosafety , Heto lab, Denmark).