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HETPHeight Equivalent to a Theoretical Plate
HETPHigher Education Training Partnership (UK)
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HETP = L [M.sub.2]/[M.sup.2.sub.1] = L [[sigma].sup.2]/[t.sup.2.sub.R] (6)
207 nm 286 nm Peak Theoretical Peak Theoretical asymmetry plates (HETP) asymmetry plates (HETP) 32% ACN 2.67 0.102 2.66 0.098 35% ACN 2.71 0.096 2.73 0.092 40% ACN 2.50 0.101 2.36 0.097
And too many journalists, both here and overseas, lazily describe the result of the May election as a 'landslide' victory for HETP. 39 percent of votes cast is not a 'landslide' for me.
If Yes to either question, ask Hetp question (below) Screening question for anxiety (iii) During the past month have you been worrying a lot about everyday problems?
For this type of packing, a height equivalent to a theoretical plate (HETP) was fixed at 0.5 m (Peters et al., 2003).
Should you use an HETP service bureau, your new term-loan and term-deposit accounts are typically run through a scoring routine once a quarter.
Doing so eliminates the need for the Height Equivalent to a Theoretical Plate (HETP), a concept widely used in packed column design but one which suffers from the same problems that plague tray efficiencies.
Craig Sanders is in the FHWA's Highway Engineer Training Program (HETP), currently assigned to the small and busy Hawaii division office.
Optimization of HPLC conditions performed on chromatographic parameters including retention time, column efficiency (HETP) of the various compositions, and velocity of mobile phase.