HETQLead Health Education Teacher Questionnaire (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
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In 2001, reporters at Hetq uncovered the fact that the Ministry of Health's blood bank included blood from donors infected with HIE.
This is what happened when we at Hetq requested information about the export of bananas from Armenia.
At Hetq, we have never worn the colors of any political team, and we have an unwritten understanding in our office not to speak about these pressures if they aren't life threatening; our problems remain within our office walls.
After Hetq broke the story several months ago, implicating Sargsyan and Kjoyan in a tangled offshore web of intrigue
In a statement disseminated overnight, the Diocese says that quoting businessman Ruben Mkrtchyan, Hetq.am reported on June
damaging information against him published by Hetq.am.
According to Hetq, the company has three equal shareholders,
Manukyan does not doubt that Hetq.am's article saying that Margaryan is involved in an offshore diamond business is true.
The Premier's request followed Hetq.am's article "Cyprus Troika: Who Stripped Paylak Hayrapetyan of His Property," saying
The prime minister is discontented at the recent publication on hetq.am saying that WLISPERA HOLDINGS LIMITED, an
To recall, Vanadzor Mayor representing the Republican Party of Armenia said in an interview with Hetq portal on Feb 21 2013
On April 13 Hetq.am published an article presenting the property of those heading the lists of the parties participating