HETSAHistory of Economic Thought Society of Australia
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This remains the only HETSA conference of which there is a record not only of the papers but also of the entire discussion (see HETSA Bulletin No.
Michael has participated in nearly all of the subsequent twenty-four HETSA conferences (he was usually on study leave if absent).
Together they organised a HETSA conference in 2003.
Since 1989 John has participated in nearly all HETSA conferences, always giving a paper but also greeting every other contribution with an incisive question or comment.
The HETSA conference reception will be held on the evening of Wednesday evening, 3 July.
All members of HETSA, especially the younger members of our Society, are encouraged to present their research at this conference; but the conference is not limited to HETSA members.
At the Twenty-Fifth HETSA conference dinner held in Melbourne it was announced that Geoffrey Harcourt was awarded this honour.
The members of the prize committee of HETSA are now calling for submissions for the 2013 biannual awards for the best Honours thesis ($300), the best Masters thesis ($400) and the best Doctoral thesis ($400) in the history of economic thought.
This is a revised version of a paper to the 2011 HETSA conference in Melbourne--I am grateful to conference participants and two anonymous referees for very helpful comments.
16) A participant at the HETSA Conference in 2009 suggested that Harris's treatment was not unusual in the 'context of the times' (my interpretation of his comment).