HEUIHydraulic/Electronic Unit Injector
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Larger engines, with ranges above 300 kW, use Cat's Mechanically Actuated Electronically Controlled Unit Injector (MEUI) fuel system that uses a multiple injection technology similar to the HEUI fuel system.
Caterpillar's upgraded D9R track-type tractor features a new Cat 3408E engine complete with an advanced HEUI fuel system for improved efficiency and lower exhaust emissions.
Fuel consumption is lower when measured in grams per kWh compared to the 3408 HEUI. The 900 litre fuel capacity ensures 18 -- 20 hours continual operation.
Modeled after the Cat 3412, the C32 features an HEUI fuel system designed to maintain high injection pressures across a broad range of rpm for maximum fuel efficiency.
HEUI can electronically vary fuel injection pressure, timing and duration.
Other ACERT technology features on the C9 include Cat's new ADEM 4 control module with increased memory and a faster processor; midsupported wet liners with optimal crosshatching to minimize oil consumption and blow-by; and next; larger-diameter HEUI unit injectors for sophisticated rate shaping.
"Our engineers worked with Caterpillar to produce the first special "bump" cam that allows the MEUI product to generate the split injection cycle that previously only HEUI and common rail systems could achieve."
The engine will make include the single-fluid HEUI fuel system, new electronics and will have a new multi-vee front end.