HEUNhighly enriched uranium
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The form of the present invariant [I.sub.h](z) given in (12) suggests taking the class of functions defined by (it should be pointed out that present choice is different from previous one [7, 9], in which the [mathematical expression not reproducible] is chosen in order to adapt the mathematical character of the Heun invariant (12))
The inoculum was maintained through the year on Saluda plants in the greenhouse and under laboratory conditions on detached leaves according to the method of Leath and Heun (1990).
When comparing this with the confluent Heun differential equation in the simplest uniform form [13]
is constructed via reduction to the general Heun equation [27-29]
GENETIC LINKAGE MAPS have been developed in various barley crosses (e.g., Heun et al., 1991; Graner et al., 1991; Kleinhofs et al., 1993) and used to detect and map quantitative trait loci (QTLs) contributing to various traits, including grain and malt quality (e.g., Hayes et al., 1993; Thomas et al., 1995; Mather et al., 1997; Marquez-Cedillo et al., 2000; Ayoub et al., 2002).
The general Heun equation [1-3], which is the most general second-order linear ordinary differential equation having four regular singular points, is currently widely encountered in physics and mathematics research (see, e.g., [1-14] and references therein).
Recently it is found that the solutions of the hyperbolic type potentials [14-21] are given explicitly by the confluent Heun function [22].
Sell-outs at the 750-seat foodcourt include dishes such as Malacca chicken rice balls and Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice.