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HEUSHigh Energy Upper Stage (Engine)
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HIV-exposed uninfected children: a growing population with a vulnerable immune system?: HEU children: a vulnerable immune system?
In Figure 9, we see how the network topology affects the performance in terms of mean utility per user: while for topologies with high capacity HEUs and MEUs clearly outperform LEUs, LEUs outperform MEUs for low capacity and both MEUs and HEUs for network topology #10.
"This partnership with Babor is going to take the spa experience at The Beverly Hilton to the next level," said Lyndi Heus, spa director of Aqua Star Spa.
(4.) Laarhoven LM, dc Heus P, van Luijn J, Duim B, Wagcnaar JA, van Duijkeren E.
1.13.7: 'Heus tu,' inquit, 'spongia, cave in mari nata per fluvium transeas.' Text and translation of the Metamorphoses in this essay are taken from Hanson 1989.
These results are consistent with the findings of other researches involving various samples of female employees (Singh 1990, Van der Pompe & De Heus 1993, Pisarski, et al.
Kamel Heus, MD, MEA, Sophos, said, "To date, encryption has had a low rate of deployment in the Middle East, and there is a lack of regulation around data protection.
July 22 2010 -- Dutch-based animal feed producer De Heus Group has today announced the acquisition of polish firm Evialis Polska.