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HEVHybrid Electric Vehicle
HEVHepatitis E Virus
HEVHigh Endothelial Venules
HEVHendra Virus
HEVHigh Ecological Value
HEVHazardous Environment (Half-Life game)
HEVHemagglutinating Encephalomyelitis Virus
HEVHuman Entry Vehicle (gaming drop pod in, Halo)
HEVHemorrhagic Enteritis Virus
HEVHealth & Environment
HEVHemorrhagic Endovasculitis
HEVHelyi Érdekû Vasút (suburban railway, Budapest, Hungary)
HEVHazardous Environment Vehicle (gaming)
HEVHigh-End Visualization
HEVHolding Excercise Volume (urology)
HEVHigh Entertainment Value
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According to protocols and primers previously described [16, 31, 32], a nested reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) was conducted to amplify partial nucleotide sequences (348 nt) of open reading frame 2 (ORF-2) of HEV. For the first round of PCR, the primers were HEV-1 [forward primer: 5'-AATTATGCC(T)CAGTAC(T)CGG(A)GTTG-3'] and HEV-2 [reverse primer: 5'-CCCTTA(G)TCC(T)TGCTGA(C)GCATTCTC37], and HEV-3 [forward primer: 5,-GTT(A)ATGCTT(C)TGCATA(T)CATGGCT-3'] and HEV4 [reverse primer: 5'-AGCCGACGAAATCAATTCTGTC-3'] were used for the second round.
Determine the occurrence of specific IgM antibodies to HAV and HEV in acute viral hepatitis cases admitted/attending the outpatient department in our institution.
HEV is one of the leading causes of hepatitis worldwide.
To measure the concentrations of Hev b1, Hev b 3, Hev b 5 and Hev b 6.02 latex-specific allergens in gloves being used by a large laboratory service provider, and to determine the allergen levels of gloves to be purchased from prospective suppliers of new gloves prior to their purchase.
duza homologia w strukturze epitopow miedzy [beta]-1,3-glukonaza wystepujaca w owocach a analogicznym bialkiem wystepujacym w alergenie lateksu Hev b2, chitynazy (Hev b11) i profiliny (Hev b8) [18].
The medical record of pregnant cases from 2008 to 2011 was retrieved who were positive for HEV IgM.
HEV is a viral infection, predominantly transmitted through the faeco-oral route due to the faecal contamination of drinking water [4].
People are exposed both outdoors and indoors to HEV light, sometimes referred to as "blue light." Ubiquitous, it emanates not only from the sun, but through the displays of digital devices such as cell phones, computers, tablets and flat-screen TVs.
25 July 2014 - Spanish healthcare company Grifols SA (NASDAQ:GRFS; BME:GRF) said Friday it had received CE mark for its Procleix HEV assay, a qualitative in-vitro nucleic acid amplification test allowing highly sensitive and specific identification of Hepatitis E virus (HEV) RNA in blood donors, blood components, tissues and organs.
HEV associated with hares (haHEV) had been previously unknown (5).
In the meantime, there is no need for panic in Taiwan as the virus is not known to be transmitted between humans and there have been no reports of rat HEV here, Lo added.
The campus tour aims to raise public awareness on the environmental benefits of hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) technology and differentiate it from electric vehicles (EV), which require additional infrastructure for charging.