HEWASHouse Energy and Water Appropriations Subcommittee (US)
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Hewas then takento Nairobi Women's Hospital and later referred toMathariHospital where hewas diagnosedwith Major Depressive Disorder.
Hewas identified as Abed al-Rahman al-Barghouthi, 27.
Months before hewas due to try for the title of Mr Universe, he tripped over a pair of jeans and fell into a glass door, severing the main artery in his right arm.
A West Midlands Ambulance spokeswoman said: "Unfortunately, when crews arrived nothing could be done to save the man and hewas confirmed dead at the scene."
All thanks to Aunt Mireille,who gave hismother the grimpredictionwhen hewas born.
To leave St Petersburg, where hewas the star, and to go to England at 28 years of age and to say 'okay, I want to start it all again', you need to have character and to like challenges."
The Scots hitman was playing pro with Slough Jets when hewas hit by a virus that affected his heart muscles.
Recorder Eric Salmonsen told the heroin addict hewas in "serious jeopardy" of going to jail when he is sentenced at a later date.
Hewas found with serious injuries after an altercation in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, around 11.25pm on Friday night.
On his next appearance hewas beaten at odds-on by King's Nickel in a conditions chase at Plumpton.
Shields, from Liverpool, insists hewas in his hotel bed when it took place.
In 1969, Bleier was serving in Vietnam when hewas wounded trying to secure a landing zone to evacuate the wounded.