HEWATTHEMTT Based Water Tender
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Considerable focus has been placed on the mortality rate of oysters after the onset of pandemic Dermo disease, in field study (Andrews & Hewatt 1957, Mackin & Hopkins 1962, Burreson & Ragone Calvo 1996) and in modeling (Powell et al.
But, even when full-back Peter Hewatt thumped over their third penalty and Irish introduced former England talismen Mike Catt and Peter Richards off the bench, their spark remained missing.
The HEWATT is designed as a multipurpose water distributor, capable of providing structural and airfield crash/rescue support alongside the Pierce Tactical Fire Fighting Truck (TFFT).
When Hewatt first looked at the tidepools, there were no tube snails or sunburst anemones at all.
The diverse oceanographic conditions that occur in the park give rise to a similarly diverse array of species assemblages (Hewatt 1946, Neushul et al.
Two similar observational accounts of Coast Horned Lizard (P corn utum) copulation (Hewatt 1937, Milne 1938) also record the male's grasping of the female's horns in his mouth, and the upward twisting position of her posterior to meet the male's cloacal area.
Hewatt at Hopkins Marine Station (HMS), Pacific Grove, California, between 1931 and 1933.
(22) compared the species composition in 1993-1994 along an intertidal transect at Hopkins Marine Station to the composition along the same transect in 1931-1933 as recorded by Hewatt (23, 24).
At temperatures around 20 [degrees] C, it kills oysters about a month after infection; at temperatures above 25 [degrees] C, it can kill much more quickly (Andrews, 1965; Hewatt and Andrews, 1955; Fischer et al., 1992).
School board member Margaret Hewatt, 31, said she would not send her children to the nearby St Francis in the Gorbals if the closure went ahead.
Hewatt, who studied the same patch of coastline in the early 1930s.