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HEWSHumanitarian Early Warning Service
HEWSHumanitarian Early Warning System (Inter-Agency Standing Committee; UN)
HEWSHealth Early Warning System (Portuguese National Health Institute)
HEWSHelicopter Electronic Warfare System
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Because the scope of practice differed for urban and rural HEWs, we created separate lists of billable activities for urban and rural areas (Table 1).
In Ethiopia, as in many African contexts, mHealth has great potential as an empowerment tool for HEWs that could facilitate access to accurate data, thus improving service delivery.
Mrs Hews needs a digital aid because her hearing has degenerated and the new technology is more sophisticated at picking up sounds and reducing feedback.
Until the February appointment of Undersecretary Murat Bayar, Turkey was determined to finish its HEWS project, which was begun in 1997, before the end of this year.
Hews therefore made her containers roost proof by dipping their upper sections in a nonstick coating that comes as a liquid.
Accompanied with a few illustrations on how to hew and a couple of axes, neither of which was a broadax, we attempted to create timbers.
The HEWS consists of five subsystems: a missile-warning system (MWS), a countermeasures dispenser, a laser-warning receiver (LWR), a radar-warning receiver (RWR) and jammer, and a central processing unit (CPU).
The SAMP-60s will be produced by Turkish company Aselsan under license and will will be later integrated into the Helicopter EW Suites (HEWS), along with a missile warner which still remains to be selected.
The Turkish Undersecreteriat for Defense Industries (SSM) once again extended the deadline for the submission of proposals for the $400-million Helicopter Electronic Warfare Suite (HEWS) program, this time to mid-December.
The Turkish Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) has initiated a program for in-country production and acquisition of a fully integrated Helicopter Electronic Warfare Suite (HEWS).
The Turkish governement had planned to consolidate its attack-helo program with its $400-million Helicopter EW Suite (HEWS) acquisition program (see "HEWS Folded into Turkish Attack-Helo Program," JED, June 2000, p.