HEWTHanford Employee Welfare Trust (Richland, WA)
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One such note, under the title "Komodienzettel von 1650" (Playbills from 1650), includes the text of the Rist playbill, the play to be performed at the Fechthaus "hewt Mohntags" (today Monday), after which there is a brief announcement of the Sussigkeit play: "P.S.
A closer look at the Scherr transcript, however, reveals a different lineage, for it and the surviving Rist playbill exhibit verbal variations: the Scherr transcript lacks the word "ankommen"; includes "schone" before "Tragodien"; uses "i.e." rather than parentheses around Schaffereyen, "hewt Mohntags" rather than "heut Montags", "Mahlerey" not "Matery", "gloriosen" not "weltberumten", "Spectatoribus" not "Zusehern", "grosser" not "hochster", "die venerirten Amatores" not "Die Liebhaber", the Latin form of "Johann Risten", i.e., "Johanne Bistenio" [sic--Ristenio], and "im" not "uffm".
Townsend said: "Leinster have set the benchmark in Europe for four seasons and we're under no illusions about the challenge that awaits." SJat hEwt