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HEXEHigh Energy X-Ray Experiment
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There was one sure way to find yourself in a coffin and that was to damage the skin that the Hexe (witch) wanted for her lampshades.
while another four-year-old may express her wishes for her little toy witch by saying, (2) Hoffentlich heute meine Hexe was Schones traumen.
457; Manual Simon, Heilige, Hexe, Mutter: Der Wandel des Frauenbildes durch die Medizin in sechzehnten Jahrhundert (Berlin, 1993), pp.
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It is this clothing, Norberg implies, that lends Mariane subversive and threatening powers of prophecy and wisdom: "Hore, tu mir nicht wieder die schwarzgrunbraune Jacke an, du siehst drin aus wie die Hexe von Endor.
The Japanese satellite Ginga and a West German X-ray telescope called Hexe, attached to the Soviet Mir space station, have found X-rays that appear to come from the supernova.
It was the body of verse written in the 1950s, specifically To axion esti (1959; translated as The Axion Esti of Odysseus Elytis, 1974) and Hexe kai mia typheis ghia ton ouran ( Six and One Regrets for the Sky, 1960), that established Elytis's reputation internationally.
I was reminded of this transactional choreography of intimate dipping and reaching among bodies--its erotics of voyeurism, violation, and immersion, as well as its logic of exchange--as I climbed through "Die Hexe" (The Witch), Alex Da Corte's kinky Merzbau of an exhibition, at Luxembourg & Dayan in New York this past spring.
(Costumes aren't actually compulsory, but you'll see plenty of them none the less.) There's a Mini-Maxi Hexe event a week earlier, for parent-child teams.