HFABHands Free Answer Back (telephony)
HFABHighly Favored and Blessed
HFABHigh-flow Fan Atomizing Burner
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A los curadores de los herbarios CAUP, COAH, COL, CUVC, CHOCO, HFAB, HUA, HUQ, JAUM, MEDEL, MEXU, MO, NY, PSO, RSA, SI, UDBC, UIS, US, VALLE y VEN por los prestamos enviados o por su grata colaboracion durante la visita a sus instalaciones.
This is the energy level that was used in defining the HFAB (44) and the NT Nutritionist's Market Basket Survey (41).
The values for the foods in the IHFB (127% of target sodium overall) are comparable to this and to the values in other food baskets: 130% in the SA basket (47) and 239% in the HFAB (44).
In contrast, the data for the Queensland HFAB was collected in April and May 2000, before the GST was applied to processed and prepared food items (9).
Like the HFAB results, where the percentage price increases were much greater for fresh/unprocessed food than for processed food and beverages (9), the IHFI shows that most core food items increased more in price than the non-core extra foods, although the overall difference was not as pronounced as in the Queensland results.