HFACSHuman Factors Analysis and Classification System (Department of Defense)
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Shappell, "Operator error and system deficiencies: analysis of 508 mining incidents and accidents from Queensland, Australia using HFACS," Accident Analysis and Prevention, vol.
Fatigue-associated HFACS nanocodes in Class A flight mishaps, by aircraft type.
The naval aviation safety program will transition to HFACS in a multi-step process.
For HFACS questions and transition recommendations, contact LCdr.
The two types of Hornet unsafe acts specified in HFACS are errors and violations.
HFACS identifies the human causes of an accident and provides a tool to not only assist in the investigation process, but to target training and prevention efforts.
HFACS looks at four levels of human failure (see figure of "Swiss cheese" model).
Using HFACS to analyze hundreds of aviation-mishap reports, the Naval Safety Center has identified the following human errors as leading contributors to Class A mishaps:
Battle-group commanders, CAGs and squadron COs must learn about HFACS so they can assess the organizations they lead.