HFAOHigh-Frequency Airway Oscillation
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The HFAO is indicated for persons with unilateral lower-limb weakness in the hip and knee flexors along with the ankle and dorsiflexor muscles [26].
Abbreviations: AFO = ankle-foot orthosis; AT = assistive technology; ATP = AT professional; FES = functional electrical stimulation; HFAO = hip flexion assist orthosis; LOE = level of evidence; MAT = mobility AT; MS = multiple sclerosis; PAPAW = power-assist pushrim-activated wheelchair; PHAATE = Policy, Human, Activity, Assistance, Technology, and Environment (model); QOL = quality of life; RET = rehabilitation engineering technologist; SCI = spinal cord injury.
Canes are also beneficial when walking is only mildly unstable, reducing walking effort and risk of falls when compared with AFOs and HFAOs [26].