HFBPHachette Filipacchi Burda Polska (now Burda Media Polska Sp. Z.o.o; Polish media group)
HFBPHigh Affinity Folate Binding Protein
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There was also no significant difference between the RCA post-treatment outcomes and the hfBP post-treatment outcomes (Table 2).
Except for TMP, the remaining tested indicators were significantly higher in the hfBP group than in the RCA group.
The filter lifespan of the RCA group was approximately 29.8 h, whereas that of the hfBP group was about 12.5 h and this difference was significant.
Cr and uric acid concentrations in the hfBP group were both significantly higher after treatment than in the RCA group (Table 5).
Similarly, RCA also showed significantly higher pH and lower iCa level than hfBP treatment.
We compared the anticoagulation effects of MODS patients going through RCA or hfBP. By analyzing blood coagulation indicators, blood pressure, blood clearance and the occurrence of complications, we arrived at the conclusion that RCA is a comparatively safe and effective method in CBP treatment of MODS patients.
RCA resulted in lower blood pressure than hfBP, suggesting a lower risk of bleeding.
In conclusion, RCA treatment demonstrated safer and more effective outcomes than the hfBP treatment.