HFCKHousing Finance Company of Kenya
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After her secondment to HFCK, Imanyara "quickly realised that the bank was not growing, and as this was an investment, we needed to improve the institution's financial efficiency to provide a return.
The Bluetooth interface of Blue HFCK uses ST's STLC2410B base-band chip and STLC2150 RF chip.
Bluetooth profiles supported by Blue HFCK include the "Headset" profile which allows Blue HFCK to use the basic functionality of Bluetooth phones currently available; "Dial-up networking" profile, which allows the modem of the mobile phone to be used by any Bluetooth device, such as PCs or PDAs; and the "Object push" profile (OPP), which provides the ability to program the phonebook by sending contacts directly from the PDA.
All DSP functions of Blue HFCK, such as speech recognition, echo cancellation, noise suppression, automatic gain control, and audio interface are supported by ST's TDA7550R.
ADI's innovative single-chip speech-processing technology will support the growth of the HFCK market as well as other emerging speech-based markets by enabling more cost-effective products," said Jerry McGuire, DSP product line director, Analog Devices.
These leading HFCK manufacturers have responded to the cellular customer's need for voice-activated dialing and speaker phone functionality," said Jerry McGuire, DSP product line director, Analog Devices.