HFCUHouston Federal Credit Union
HFCUHonolulu Federal Credit Union (Hawaii)
HFCUHermantown Federal Credit Union (Hermantown, MN)
HFCUHenrico Federal Credit Union (Henrico, VA)
HFCUHarvester Federal Credit Union (Indianapolis, IN)
HFCUHousing Finance Company of Uganda, Ltd.
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Ron Hance has been, for many years, the symbol of the credit union movement of people helping people," said Thomas O'Brien, HFCU board chairman.
The program will only be available for a short duration, but it gives members time to sit down with HFCU and work out a longer-term solution.
Those were successful enough that HFCU decided to expand into an area where the credit union could be more active and retain a larger portion of the commission income.
That apply-from-wherever-you-are approach is important to HFCU.
But measuring assets per employee, HFCU compares very favorably with its peers.
Another plus for HFCU has been that the Great Recession didn't clobber the credit union's military and government employees the way it hammered other sectors of the economy.
As for the career path that brought him to HFCU, Sprague describes himself as a reformed banker.