HFCWOHigh-Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation
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The Vest administers HFCWO therapy to users by means of an inflatable vest-like garment.
HFCWO technology has provided an effective life-extending solution.
Since the late 1980s, several HFCWO devices have been created that supplement standard mucus clearance.
Because uniformly consistent HFCWO treatments do not depend upon human factors, it is the only truly reliable form of airway clearance therapy available today.
Importantly, the effects of HFCWO create repetitive cough-like forces that shear sticky mucus from bronchial walls and move it along toward central airways.
HFCWO was first adapted for use as an airway clearance therapy in the late 1980s by physicians specializing in the care of children with CF.
The Company's new Trimline[TM] Model emphasizes convenience in providing HFCWO therapy.
HFCWO works by wrapping the patient's chest in the inflatable vest.