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HFDHappy Friendship Day
HFDHartford (Amtrak station code; Hartford, CT)
HFDHouse of Flying Daggers (movie)
HFDHonolulu Fire Department (Honolulu, HI)
HFDHeat Flux Density
HFDHigh-Frequency Detection (machinery)
HFDHouston Fire Department
HFDHartford-Brainard Airport (Hartford, CT; airport code)
HFDHulbert Financial Digest (newsletter)
HFDHeat Field Deformation
HFDHaut Fonctionnaire de Défense (French: Senior Official for Defense)
HFDHike for Discovery (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society)
HFDHuman Factors Division (US DHS)
HFDHappy Father's Day
HFDHousing Front Desk (Stanford University; Palo Alto, CA)
HFDHalf Duplex
HFDHappy Friends Day
HFDHaut Fonctionnaire de Défense et de Sécurité (French: Senior Defense and Security Official)
HFDHrvatsko Farmaceutsko Društvo (Croatian Pharmaceutical Society)
HFDHazard Fragmentation Distance (explosives)
HFDHave Fun Dying (band)
HFDHealth Food Drink
HFDHeat Flux Dropout
HFDHays Fire Department (KS, USA)
HFDHartsdale Fire Department (New York)
HFDHela Fass Dooo (automotive enthusiast group)
HFDHarvest Fire Discipleship
HFDHenrietta Fire District (New York)
HFDHorse Heads Fire Department (New York)
HFDHSA (Health Savings Account) Funding Distribution (IRS)
HFDHantsport Fire Department (Nova Scotia, Canada)
HFDHardwood Flooring Distributors, Inc. (Seattle, WA)
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These two stress groups (Chronic Stress group and Operation + HFD + Chronic Stress group) were assigned in a separate room to avoid interfering the non-stress groups (Control group and Operation + HFD group).
As is shown in figure 2, more and lager fat granules were obtained in the HFD Group as a model for NAFLD progression.
The chickpea high fibre diet (HFD) and Bengal gram HFD contained more fiber content as compared to the amount recommended in the protocol for the preparation of rat and rodent diets.
To test the hypothesis that subchronic exposure to low doses of AhR ligands could be a cofactor in the development of fibrosis in obesity related-NAFLD, male mice were fed either a LFD or a HFD for 14 weeks and were injected weekly with either 5 [micro]g/kg TCDD (LF-tcdd and HF-tcdd, respectively) or the vehicle (LF-ctrl and HF-ctrl, respectively) for the last 6 weeks of the diet intervention.
1993) for 10 weeks as the normal control group (NC), whereas another group of 30 rats was fed with HFD [containing cholesterol 2%, lard 10%, yolk 10%, bile sodium 0.
The highest parameters value (except HDL) of treatment groups were found in the group that received HFD for 16 weeks and the lowest values of the parameters (except HDL) were found in the group that received standard diet for 8 weeks (Ox-LDL and foam cells value) and in the group that received standard diet for 16 weeks (LDL value).
After 4 weeks of HFD (the required period for the glycemic alterations to appear, a time interval previously detected in other experimental groups conducted by our laboratory, with blood glucose levels assessed weekly--Accu-Chek Performa, Roche[R], Sao Paulo, Brazil), the HF-Y and HF-O groups were divided into three subgroups according to their treatment: (1) positive control that continued receiving only HFD and normal water (HF-Y and HF-O); (2) HFD plus oral treatment with tempol (50 mg x [kg.
Results: At the end of study period body weight fasting blood glucose serum insulin C-reactive protein and HOMAIR had significantly lower values and QUICKI had a significantly higher value in both experimental groups as compared to group HFD.
Animal models also exhibit the detrimental effects of HFD on cognition in rodents and its related neural mechanisms (Greenwood & Winocur, 1990; Vucetic, Carlin, Totoki, & Reyes, 2012; Vucetic, Kimmel, & Reyes, 2011; Vucetic, Kimmel, Totoki, Hollenbeck & Reyes, 2010; Winocur, 1985, 1991; Yu et al.
There are multiple possible pathogenic mechanisms that could link a HFD and depression or depressive behavior.