HFD-CHartree-Fock-Dispersion with Repulsive Self Consistent Field Component
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After this assessment, the animals continue receiving the diet rich in fructose and were randomly divided into four experimental groups (n = 8 per group) as follows: HFD (high-fructose diet + 300 [micro]L of water), HFD-S (HFD + 30 mg of simvastatin by kg of BW), HFD-C (HFD + 2 mg ciprofibrate by kg of BW), and HFD-ExCA (HFD + 200 mg of Campomanesia adamantium root aqueous extract by kg of BW).
The assessment of organ weights reveals that HFD-ExCA and HFD-C groups showed recovery of the liver mass compared to CT group and higher than HFD group (Table 2).