HFDFHigh Frequency Distribution Frame
HFDFHigh Frequency Direction Finder/Finding
HFDFHigh Frequency Data in Finance (conference)
HFDFHuman Foreskin Dermal Fibroblast
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Andrew SciComm Systems provides integrated COMINT and ELINT DF systems to the intelligence community in the HF through microwave frequency ranges, and specializes in single station location (SSL) HFDF systems and HF adaptive array receiving systems.
7 -- Availability of utilities and road access: Although it may seem almost trivial to mention that utilities (electrical, phone, water, sewage) and all weather roads will be needed to the HFDF site, their installation is important enough to be mentioned.
Likewise, in a nontraditional role, single DRAGONFIX systems (which are air transportable by C-130) could be attached to division or lower-level units and used in drug interdiction operations or against guerillas in a low-intensity conflict scenario, injecting HFDF assets into areas where none could easily be inserted before.