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HFETHeterostructure Field-Effect Transistor
HFETHighway Fuel Economy Test
HFETHeterojunction Field-Effect Transistor (physics)
HFETHeilmann-Feynman Electrostatic Theorem
HFETHuman Factors Engineering Testing
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TriQuint will release a number of new products at this year's MTT-S IMS Exhibition that complement its vision including packaged HFET (heterojunction field-effect transistor) products for base station, point-to-point radio and general purpose amplifier applications.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Extended GPA Device Family Now Provides Designers with High-Volume, Cost-Effective Source Of InGap HBT and HFET GPAs for Nearly All Class A Applications
We believe that our market proven HFET process will enable us to expand this process to other C-band, X-band and Ku-band frequencies," said Nakamura.
Various types of RF amplifiers including GaAs MESFET, InGaP HBT, and GaAs HFET amplifiers will be compared.
5um HFET process and offer improved accuracy and customer convenience compared to those previously available.
These tests, as cited in the NCDL report, indicated reductions in hydrocarbon emissions, carbon monoxide, and in NOX for FTP CVS (City tests) and for HFET (Highway tests).
The HFET process is ideal for high-power microwave devices due to its high carrier concentration that enhances output power and gain.
HFET technology improves on conventional metal Schottky FET (MESFET) technology by offering high breakdown voltage characteristics and higher uniformity in volume production.
achieve outstanding results in HFET materials and will add key staff as
Nasdaq:WJCI), a leading designer and supplier of high-performance RF semiconductors and multi-chip modules, today expanded its HFET series with the addition of a new high-power 2-Watt device.
In the GaN R&D area, the purchase in late fiscal 2004 of a new multi-wafer Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition System (MOCVD) is anticipated to accelerate realizing efficient power amplifiers based on advanced transistors called HFETs.