HFFDHighland Falls Fire Department (New York)
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The values of [ISI.sub.0,120] were 2.13- and 2.45-fold, respectively, in GSP and MET group compared to HFFD. Combination of GSP and MET showed additive improvement in ISI values (by 2.97-fold) compared to HFFD.
MET was not much effective compared to GSP although it reduced the lipids levels in the plasma (by 8%, 10%, and 10% in cholesterol, TG and FFA, resp.) and liver (by 25%, 29%, and 15% of cholesterol, TG and FFA, resp.) compared to HFFD group.
This decrease was attenuated by GSP supplementation to HFFD rats.
Increase in the mRNA expression of genes specific to LD proteins like perilipin, adipophilin, TIP47, and FSP27 by 3.5-, 7.8-, 4.1- and 6.4-folds, respectively, was observed during HFFD feeding compared to CON.
HFFD + MET group of rats show moderate amount of inflammatory infiltration with microvesicular degeneration of hepatocytes (Figure 8(d)).
HFFD + MET showed moderate steatosis (Figure 9(d)), whereas HFFD + GSP showed minimal amount of steatosis (Figure 9(c)).
The variance resulting from general combining ability was lower than variance due to specific combining ability and EI while GCA variance was higher than SCA variance in case of DFF and HFFD thereby revealed the predominance of additive type of gene action similar to Hassan et al., (1999), Muthu et al., (2005) and Ahuja and Dhayal (2007), thereby allowing mass selection under pedigree method at early stages of segregating material.
Because of the manifestation of additively controlled genetic variation thereby having high heritability of DFF and HFFD, F2 segregating population could be integrated to breeding program for improvement of these two traits.